EKF Kyudo Taikai 2015 web site!

The IPO “Kyudo Federation” Russia has the honour to organize the 13th EKF Taikai in Moscow on June 13-14, 2015. We hope to welcome many Kyudojin from all European countries and to have a successful Takai.

Akimov Oleg,
President of IPO “Kyudo Federation”

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Recent Winners


Team competitions
Germany 1 33/48

Individual competitions
Patricia Stalder, France


Team competitions
France 1 29/48

Individual competitions
Johannes Maringer, Germany


Team competitions
Spain 1 25/48

Individual competitions
Diethard Leopold, Austria

Recent Events

Amsterdam, Holland

May 25, 2013

12th EKF Kyudo Taikai.

Vienna, Austria

May 28, 2011

11th EKF Kyudo Taikai.

Stockholm, Sweden

May 24, 2008

10th EKF Kyudo Taikai.